Westbrook dedicated non gluten mill.

Maralong Milling was founded in 2000 by two Grain Traders who specialized in Soy Beans when given the opportunity to supply Soy Flour into the domestic bakery market. Over a short period of time Maralong Milling progressed to a stage where the company shareholding was increased to provide production and marketing knowledge to meet the company’s growth.

In 2006 a purpose built factory in grading and trading of Mung Beans in the domestic and international market was purchased. Maralong Milling relocated its entire operations onto this site, upgrading the milling process to produce Kibbled Soy and Mung Beans in greater quantities and installing colour sorters in the cleaning and grading plant to meet the quality demands of food safety.

A dry blending premix plant was commissioned to supply the bakery industry with exceptional quality mixes of grains, legumes and seeds to suit the individual baker needs.

In June 2012 Maralong Milling acquired the state of the art grading and milling production facility at Westbrook (outside Toowoomba). This specialized factory allowed Maralong Milling to increase its domestic and international product range into the gluten free flour market by milling non-gluten grains and legumes.

In addition, Maralong Milling could expand its core business of Soy Bean products to produce defatted and enzyme inactive flours with the acquisition in this facility of dry screw extruders and cold press oil expellers.

In 2016, Maralong expanded into Chana Dhal with the commissioning of a state of the art chana dhal mill.  The mill produces both Retail and Milling chana dhal.  With the commencement of chana dhal production, Maralong also expanded into producing Besan (Chickpea Flour) in its dedicated gluten tested production facility.

Maralong Milling works very closely with the Australian growers of grains and legumes, manufacturers and consumers to identify and communicate the health and nutritional benefits of its products.

Maralong Milling “Miller of Alternative Flours”


Kibble Soy Milling Operation.

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